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The business aspects of the healthcare industry are intricate, sensitive, and unlike most other forms of commercial practices. Even small, unintended, or unknowing errors can lead to significant problems and even litigation. At Dorros Law, our Los Angeles healthcare litigation attorneys are fully prepared to protect your best interests as a healthcare provider, pharmacy, healthcare technology company or manufacturer, specialty care group, hospital, or other health facility

Lawsuits or disputes may arise in the healthcare industry relating to:

  • Privacy issues, including the failure to properly protect personal health information
  • Intellectual property disputes regarding healthcare technology, products, or services
  • Complex corporate, commercial, and/or contract disputes
  • Product liability disputes related to healthcare products and technology
  • Employment disputes
  • Class actions for false advertising or other widespread statutory violations or injury
  • Disciplinary actions before an internal review board or governing regulatory or licensing agency
  • Medicare, Medicaid, Medical rate disputes and audits
  • Internal organizational or facility investigations
  • Healthcare facility or provider certification or likening issues
  • Inadequate labeling of or instructions for medical devices and drugs
  • Food and Drug Administration violations
  • Medical staff issues

If you believe you may need to file a lawsuit or are faced with defending one, Dorros Law of Los Angeles can come to your assistance. Call my firm at (310) 935-0621 today for a confidential case review.

Resolving Issues In and Out of the Courtroom

Healthcare litigation can become a heated contest should matters be taken directly to the courtroom where a judge, and perhaps even a jury, must decide how to settle your dispute. At Dorros Law, we understand and appreciate that even the most complex of disputes can potentially be resolved before the doors to the courtroom are ever opened. As a trained mediator and Los Angeles dispute resolution attorney, Mr. Dorros and Dorros Law will approach your situation and matter to find the best option for you whether it is in or out of court.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Healthcare Case

If you are a healthcare professional or company that needs to initiate a lawsuit or must defend yourself from a claim against you, Dorros Law and our Los Angeles healthcare attorneys can handle the matter from start to finish. We have worked extensively in the legal fields of telehealth, telemedicine, e-health, and m-health and are well versed in all areas of health law, including HIPAA, HITECH, EMTALA, and more. When you want to remove any doubt that your case can succeed, you want to work with Dorros Law.

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